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Hey...Im your god...


I create you...

No... I make you

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Simple four steps

Research & Study

Research & Study

Start with your your holy book and then try another religion books.
There is nothing more powerful as religious books for atheism being.
Compare & Adoption

Compare & Adoption

You will see lots of common items between religious books which is somehow a copy of last book. there are big differences as well.
Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

You will see all religions claiming the only true way is belong to them . But its impossible for all to be correct...How 1000 different ways can be correct ?



So maybe the answer is not religion.
Now a days we dont need gods for explain unknown phenomena.
Militant atheism for an approach
For us, its not enough to just be an atheist.We dont hide what we are and we proud of it. We believe that we have to expand our vision and we do all our best for it.In the other side we have to say we are militant atheist. Our battlefield is Religion and our weapon in science.
But why we are anti religion...? Because simply religion is anti humanity.
In general we dont like to be anti anaything and  prefer to be pro, but there is nothing to pro about in religion.
Entire religion is built on a foundation of prejudice injustice and inhumanity and im anti all of those.
Believers say only focus on the bad things about religion and yes, i have to admit that if you ignore the bad things : the aggressive / separatism / supermacism / social intolerance / relentless special pladings and phony grievance mongering aand the psychopathic level of misogyny and... there isnt mutch wrong with religion.
The problem is when you getting such things from religion ...then there is nothing more.
We can see that where evere the religion goes in the world...the problems starts.
Any ideology that preaches death to the anyone deserves no accommodation at all in a civilized society and no respect at all.
It doesnt even deserve the pretence of respect.

Anyone choosing to follow these scripture can take explicit license to be intolerante and violent and to feel virtuous about it and it really doesnt help that so many believers on earth take the scripture far more seriously.

The idea that every one has a belief and each belief must be respected is laughable.
Now a days many many people killed and executed for purely religious reasons and that is pure evil.

So thats true...we are very much antireligion and we do our best to disappear it as much as possible.

Dear Believer

Have you ever stopped to consider why you believe what you believe...?
Have you ever tought about why you chose the religion you chose...?
Why do you believe in jesus christ as the only means to eternal salvation and not in karma or reincarnation?
Why do you believe the allah is the one true god and muhamad is his prophet and not in the four noble truths of t he buda...?
Why do you told the torah as the only revealed word of the god and not the bhagavad-gita?

The fundamental questions which every believers should ask him/her self.

Explore the wonders of the universe...

Atheism at a glance

Atheism is the absence of the belief in any god(s) or spiritual beings .

The word Atheism comes from a, meaning without, and theism meaning belief in god(s).
We dont use god(s) to explain the existence of the universe.
Also we belief that human beings can advise suitable moral codes to live by without the aid of god(s) or scriptures.


»  Insufficient evidence for any religion.
»   Religion is nonsensical.
»   Had a religion and have lost faith in it.
»   Live in a non-religious culture.
»   Religion doesn't interest them.
»   Religions seem to have done a lot of    harm in the world.
»   The world is such a bad place that there can't be a God.


Steps to Atheism

»   Research and study.
       Start with your own religion
       and continue with others.
»   Compare & Adoption.
       You will see Commons & Differenties
       and will find out conflicts and copies.
»   Critical Thinking.
       They claim the only true way, But its 
       impossible for all to be correct.
»   Approach.
     we dont need gods to explain
     unknown phenomena.
     We have Science.



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